Transforming crew engagement with social technology

The Challenge

To replace traditional paper-based crew notices and training materials with high-tech social tools and reduce paper wastage to work towards a more eco-conscious environment.

Our approach

We developed multiple crew engagement strategies. Beacons were deployed to crew rooms with a dedicated app on staff mobiles. When in range the mobile receives push-notifications containing customer specific information; special offers, menus, crew alerts etc.

On top of this a dedicated crew app was deployed on staff mobiles. The app provides training and support materials, targets, incentives and a host of other e-documents. We also deployed Semi-humanoid Robots to crew rooms. They elicited cognitive and social Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) providing ‘Edu-tainment’ via speech and interactive video engagement with staff via an in-built tablet.

The Outcome

80% reduction in paper use

The introduction of the new crew engagement solutions supported the increase of sales conversion by 5%, an 80% reduction in paper use and 25% reduction in labour costs.

Tags: Case Studies

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