Award Winning Crew Engagement Programmes

At Versilia, we know the crew are an integral part of the success of the inflight retail programme and are just as important as a happy passenger.

We create crew engagement programmes that fit the needs of the individual airline, to support the crew in driving sales and enhancing the customer onboard experience.

Training and Development

It is key that crew feel empowered to provide an exceptional customer experience and drive sales onboard. The goal is to build a buy onboard culture whilst maintaining the standards of a satisfying customer experience. We have worked alongside behavioural science experts and analysed the needs of airline crews to design our core training programmes, which will prepare your team to deliver an onboard retail service that meets your needs. Our training programme can be delivered in a way that suits you, whether that is face to face, road shows or via video and online learning.

Engaging Incentives

We devise exciting incentives to engage your crew and fundamentally optimise sales onboard. These incentives are structured with prizes and rewards specifically chosen to appeal to your team.

Communication is a key factor of any incentive plan and we offer programmes that utilise social media and gamification as well as more traditional methods.

Award winning and Innovative digital platforms

We utilise the opportunities provided by the latest innovations in technology to continuously find new ways to communicate with crew. We use several different platforms including Instagram, Facebook, our own online training platform and our Versilia crew app to engage your crew. We also find new ways to engage crew in more traditional settings such as crew room visits, at-gate meet-ups, accompanying on flights, booklets and roadshows. We have even used robots to engage with teams in the crew room and answer questions they have in relation to onboard retail.

Utilizando mi experiencia de trabajo en capacitación y desarrollo en diversas industrias he creado estrategias de capacitación y desarrollo personalizadas, incluyendo planes de incentivos y objetivos para nuestras aerolíneas sudamericanas. Para ello fue necesario tener en cuenta las diferencias culturales y necesidades específicas de cada aerolínea para crear soluciones específicas que se adapten a cada una de ellas.

Carolina Silva Solís, Crew Engagement Manager

Case Study

Create an award-winning crew engagement plan by utilising social digital platforms.

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