Taking onboard retail
to new heights

What makes us different

We are retailers not caterers. The Versilia Solutions team is made up of people who are highly experienced in consumer retail operations. Our skills and knowledge come from traditional ‘high street’ and online retail operations, as well as a strong core of aviation retail and catering expertise. This enables Versilia Solutions to provide creative and profitable retail offers backed up with rigorous and effective management of the complexities of airline retail operations.

We are independent, offering airline clients a genuine choice in a market dominated by traditional caterers. We are flexible in the services we offer, our commercial solutions and the suppliers we work with. This makes us ideally positioned to operate in the most cost effective way and provide the best possible financial performance.

We are an agile business that can adapt, develop and quickly implement effective solutions. We work with partners and suppliers across the world and embrace cutting edge technologies to maximise airline retail performance. Our solutions include processes to address sales performance, shrinkage, wastage and loading optimisation with proven financial results.

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Our Services

Our services are provided by a core head office team based in the United Kingdom with an account manager and customer support provided locally.

As we are truly independent, we will always strive to find the very best and most appropriate suppliers to meet our client’s needs. This ensures more choice of products and services is available to an airline across the retail value chain and our programmes are more responsive to emerging retail trends and technology than any other provider can offer.

Our end-to-end services cover everything from initial strategy, product range, pricing, technology implementation, sourcing and buying, logistics, cash-handling, crew training, marketing and service launch.

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Strength in teamwork

We have a diverse core team of dedicated and talented individuals, who use their unique skills and broad understanding of retail and aviation to improve the retail experience for all our customers.

Clients we have worked with

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