Integrated Technology Solutions

With business digitalisation accelerating across the globe, technology is the enabler for an improved customer experience and an enhanced revenue generation along the customer journey.

Technology solutions provide greater data collection in support of cost reduction, simplify processes and improve productivity.

Variety of Strategic IT Solutions

We offer the widest choice of 'real time' ready Point of Sale solutions and can recommend the options that best suit your IT strategy and users. On top of this, our flexible licensing models mean that you only pay for what you use.

iOS, Android, Windows, SaaS, All-in-one, Tablets, Phones, BYOD, Card Readers, Chip & Pin, Chip & Sign, Contactless and e-wallets.

We maximise revenue with our unique payment partnerships maintaining settlement rates above 99%.

Data Driven Decisions

We utilise agile AI systems to analyse and solve complex business challenges including:

  • Optimize Loadings (availability), reduce Waste, reduce Shrinkage, predict Range Management and Forecasting, CRM and Demographic Profiling, Social Media consumption and real-time 3rd party data (Weather, FX, Disruptions).
  • Our 'Data Lakes' have unlimited storage capacity and can deliver complex results in seconds directly to our clients.

Beacon Technology & Messaging

Example of deploying IoT; Beacons

Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can be located anywhere in the terminal and the cabin and support real-time push notifications to Smartphones and other Wearables. This allows for for personalised marketing to encourage higher conversion. Messages like "10% Off all Meal Deals" are automatically triggered when the customer or staff member is in-range of the Beacon. They are low cost and low energy with a long battery life.

Contactless Pre-Order

We offer e-commerce solutions to maximise your revenue and enhance your customers’ experience.

Pre-Order Food & Beverages, Boutique & Duty Free, in-destination transfers, accommodation, attractions & tours, upgrades, queue busting and lounge passes.

We can provide a 'white label' mobile app and/or website or integrate solutions with your existing app and/or website providing a seamless experience for your customers.

What makes Versilia different is that our Point of Sale solutions offer a broad choice of hardware and software to suit your specific needs, including Bring Your Own Device with Pay as you Use licensing models. Our agile IT Team can launch a new system for a client in less than 6 weeks.

Mat Lawrence, Head of Information Systems, Infrastructure & Development

Case Study

Transforming crew engagement with Social Technology.

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