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Helping airlines solve their retail challenges

Post-COVID 19 it is essential that airlines optimise their inflight offer to maximise revenue and manage costs. Versilia offers a whole spectrum of industry expertise to deliver rapid, comprehensive and effective onboard solutions to airlines across the globe. We are independent from any of the major industry caterers or service providers, meaning we can offer genuine choice in what is a busy marketplace dominated by traditional caterers. We are known for delivering quality work at speed and have proven expertise in improving profitability and enhancing passenger experience.

How we support you

Onboard retail opportunity assessment

We often start with a bespoke analysis of your market, demographics, competition and existing programmes to fully understand the potential value generation of the inflight programme and the wider ancillary revenue opportunities to inform board strategic decision making.

Strategy Design

We work alongside your team to understand your business and review and design your optimal inflight strategy and operating model. This can include identifying the best customer proposition, channel selection, efficiencies and strategic partnerships, as well as integration with the wider airline ancillary, commercial, customer and digital strategies.


We manage the full tender process on your behalf. Services can include SME support, drafting tender documentation, assessing bids and aiding selection. We can also help with bespoke offerings and pitch support for brands looking to break into the airline space.

Supplier Benchmarking

We complete independent market assessments for specific aspects of the value chain including product, catering, logistics, systems, analytics and crew support to deliver additional value and find new approaches to existing challenges.

Cost Management & Operational Efficiency

We utilise our extensive expertise in retail and onboard services to identify and deliver cost savings and optimise efficiencies. Areas of focus include logistic efficiencies, ‘best in class’ optimised loading, waste reduction, shrinkage controls, consumables, tax optimisation and sourcing the best value onboard products.

Channel development & Innovation

We provide innovative opportunities that can expand the retail categories you offer, including developing an online and pre-order sales capability, loyalty programmes, IFE, contactless cabin, home fulfilment, bundled services and innovation scanning to ensure your airline maximises the opportunities generated by the latest technology.


We offer a full suite of next generation analytics solutions for optimised real-time decision making including bespoke management reporting, deep dive reviews of retail and catering performance and AI tools for fresh food loading management.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden

You are not alone 

If you are unsure how to overcome a challenge in your existing retail programme or want to scope the potential of the market for your airline, the experts at Versilia can help.

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