Versilia is the only independent concessionaire, we are able to fully evaluate the options for each customer airline and benchmark to find the best fit supplier for you. We have the skills and experience to manage your full inflight service proposition across the complete network.

Winning Team

  • Complementary skills and established working relationships
  • Understanding of market & customers
  • Creative energy & experience to implement innovative solutions all along the value chain
  • Proven track record
  • Known in the industry


  • Wide choice of partners and suppliers
  • Able to work within existing airline supplier relationships
  • Opportunity to develop a choice of flexible commercial framework


  • Entrepreneurial customer teams to enhance speed of decision making
  • Flexible and responsive processes
  • Able to quickly react to market developments/ trends
  • Creating appropriate personalised solutions for partner airlines


  • Dedicated team to seek out, invent and incubate new ideas and concepts
  • Future driven experimentation
  • Able to offer complementary services to develop travel related solutions
  • Data analytics, knowledge management and the expertise to drive change through mobile and remote applications
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