Versilia aims to offer an alternative inflight proposition, where we value lasting relationships with you, our customers, and innovative ways of working are encouraged. We are led by a team of airline industry professionals with complementary skills in retail and inflight hospitality together with catering, logistics, analytics and support services. This diverse team have worked together in this arena for the last 10 years and have a proven track record of commercial success. 

We understand our industry, we know our customers, and our customers know us. Our flexible processes allow us to react effectively to market trends and make decisions quickly and decisively.

Versilia operates internationally as a virtual team, which gives us a unique opportunity to respond to our customers’ needs with agility and efficiency. Though many business decisions can be made remotely, a Versilia project team can be formed and deployed to a customer base when and where needed, without delay. 

Supported by a diverse team of industry professionals.

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