Profile of Caroline Ulbrich

Based in Barcelona and Zurich, Caroline has truly international business credentials having worked in the aviation retail and airline catering industries across 16 different countries, specialising in Change Management, Turnarounds and business start-ups.

Over the past 15 years, Caroline worked for gategroup, where she held various senior roles; these have included Director of Continuous Improvement Europe, General Manager Gate Gourmet Barcelona (SP) and Managing Director Gate Total Solutions (UK). In her latest role, as CEO & President of Gate Retail Onboard (GRO), Caroline founded and successfully established GRO in 2011. The business grew rapidly, was recognized as a global market leader in the retail onboard business and held 10 offices across 5 continents in 2014.

Challenges & adversity: My first job, straight from university, took me to Buenos Aires. It was my first experience of the complex logistics around supplying aircraft. I didn’t know the job, could not speak the language and was the first woman boss of 25 experienced driver loaders – it was the toughest job but rewarding when it came good.

The inflight dream: The retail offering onboard becomes a significant factor for a passenger in their choice of airline.

They say

“Known and respected through- out the industry”; “Hugely focused, to the point of forgetting to eat”; “She never drives over people, always wants to link arms with them instead – a great relationship builder”; “Visionary”; “Caroline puts heart and soul into whatever she’s trying to achieve and inspires others to feel the same.”
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Caroline Ulbrich

Chief Executive Officer

“A time poor shopper, I always have a reason to buy during my journey be it a sandwich, a suitcase, or some cosmetics.”

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