9th August 2018

Collaboration and thorough training means success from day one

Versilia has worked with several start-ups to help develop their training facilities from scratch. Whether providing tailored crew training, train the trainers modules, user guides or sales training online videos, the team are prepared to work with the airline to develop the solution. And, if those tools are needed in more than one language, that can also be done. 

Planning makes for a confident first flight

Calum Martin, Versilia’s Sales Training Manager, explains: “For a start-up, there can be no test flight to trial the new services. The cabin crew need to feel confident in their role, even if this might be their first time providing inflight services. Having been trained by Versilia and then having us there with them on the maiden flight is very reassuring.”

A major point of difference with Versilia is the close collaboration we offer our clients, which they find invaluable.  Calum continues: “Versilia-accompanied flights provide a crew with confidence to take on this new type of service and see them through that initial nervousness and unfamiliarity.  And, as we are hands-on, we can make sure everything works.”

Handling training needs sensitively, with suitable options for all

Working closely gave Versilia an insight into the client’s deeper challenges, which wouldn’t otherwise happen. Calum explained: “One of our new airlines in Chile came with some specific pre-existing requirements, but this didn’t mean we could take a one-size fits all approach.

“Young people in Chile see airlines as their future, which makes them very keen, tech-savvy crew members who can download the training materials to their devices and quickly learn how to use the systems.”

“But not all crew are the same. For long-serving staff, selling has traditionally been a secondary concern, so it is our job to make this transition to buy onboard comfortable for them. They trust us because we offer a degree of sensitivity that larger providers cannot.”

Calum is pleased to report that this airline is continuing to train new crew successfully, with ongoing local support provided by Versilia in Chile: “As part of the training package, we implemented a digital crew feedback system so that we can gather data to inform our learning and improvement. This information shows the airline is doing well – at launch it had 30 crew and now it has 120!”

So, what is next for crew training? “We will soon be launching a dedicated online portal for crew trainers on the Versilia website. A dedicated login will take them to a one-stop-shop for videos, guides, tips and troubleshooting information, to view or download and store.”

Calum Martin 
Sales Training Manager

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